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The K Patel Group Originated Five Decades Back And Augmented Its Business Portfolio Across Distinct Domains. Basking On The Momentum That Manufacturing Had Gained, The Group’s Presence Expanded To A Global Scale And Capitalized On Every Opportunity Across Several Segments,which Led To The Massive Group Business That Stands Tall With Glory.

Versatile Business Offerings

The spectrum of our business solutions covers a wide range of products and services like construction, specialty chemicals, dyes, phytochemical, and conducting wire & coated solutions.

Enriched by legacy of values

Our business has been gradually built brick by brick, by the coherent efforts of three generations. The rich culture and values of the family have been imbibed in the organization and its operations.

Sound & Prudent

Sound & Prudent

Our business operates in a financially secure and stable environment, due to the group’s economic standing. Balancing the top line as well as bottom line goals which help us channelize resources towards benefits of the business and all our stakeholders. The most conservative and prudent financial practices keeps the group on sound footing.

Ethical Engagements

Our commitment towards ethics is resolute while making business decisions. We believe in scaling greater heights without deviating from our principles and righteousness. Our aim is to build long-lasting businesses and relationships which can only be achieved by walking on the ethical path.

Innovator Mindset

We exercise utmost prudence while designing our processes and strategies. Having a future oriented mindset, we focus on innovation that will accelerate our business to a higher and wider scale and result in unprecedented growth.

Tapping International Boundaries

Our innovative and technically efficient capabilities along with robust infrastructure facilities have aided in taking our business presence beyond the national boundaries to global markets and acquiring an international customer base that includes advanced economies like USA, Japan, Europe etc.

Having a professional & experienced management at the helm, the K Patel group endeavors to undertake the best business practices with firm commitment and perseverance. As the leading exporter of dyes, pigments, chemicals etc. the group has established the country’s manufacturing potential in a global forum. This gives boost to the specific industries that the group operates in. It also opens doors to several complementary as well as unique industries, leading to the economic development of the country.



The independence from foreign manufactured goods required local solutions. Meanwhile, a vast scope was emerging for ‘Made in India’ in the global marketplace. Our visionaries took charge of the need and developed a group that fulfilled these demands. The group’s enterprise grew steadily over the last 5 decades and diversified into manufacturing of Basic Dyes and Chemicals, Pigments, Specialty Chemicals, Enamelled Copper Wires and Real Estate business.